COVID-19 disruptions are particularly severe in our disadvantaged communities. This has been highlighted in the education of our youth in these communities.  School closures have necessitated a move to e-learning. In theory, this could be an important step towards a fairer education system. But the reality is very different. Most South African learners lack access to devices, data and quality educational resources.  It is with this in mind that iSchoolAfrica is driving a campaign that focuses on assisting matric students who have the potential to succeed, and whose futures are now in jeopardy due to the impact of COVID-19. iSchoolAfrica is setting up a consortium of partners, with the aim of assisting 10 000 matrics.   iPads will deployed to support the learners who have fallen behind. iStore, as a key partner will give us access to pre-used, refurbished iPads. Learners will also have access to high quality curriculum relevant content. We invite you to join our programme and show our matrics that their futures matter.

Financially contribute towards the #MyFuture campaign.

Teachers and learners, help give our matrics their future back by participating in virtual study sessions.

iStore will contribute selected iPads towards the #MyFuture campaign.

Siya Kolisi and Saray Khumalo are joining us in giving our matrics back their futures.