Join us in breaking the Guinness world record

and change the lives of our youth at the same time.

The digital divide has the potential to be the greatest divide of all, deepening inequalities that already exist. This cool event has a serious purpose – to bridge this divide for children who don’t have access to information technology and to ensure that they don’t get left behind.

Saray Khumalo

Right now – people are spinning for literacy across South Africa.

We want to break the record for the most money raised during an eight -hour static cycling event. The present record for the most money raised during an eight-hour static cycling event is £30,856, which was set in the UK in 2016. At today’s exchange rate, that amounts to around R686 000. If the South African event can raise R1 million, it will be a tough record to beat.

Your donation will support the aim of setting up an iSchoolAfrica digital library in a rural or township school in each of South Africa’s nine provinces.

DONate Now while the bikes spin!

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25 October 2020


Full day event


20 bikes at select Planet Fitness gyms in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.

Eight hours of cycling is pretty gruelling, even on a static bike. South Africans are made of stern stuff and this is a very worthy cause. Sponsoring a bike is not only a chance to reconnect with colleagues and friends on a purpose, but an invaluable investment in the next generation.

Saray Khumalo