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Enabling Disabled Learners
iSchoolAfrica Inclusion Programme enables learners with any disability to communicate, create, study, work and play.

Through the combination of iPad technology and programme support - iSchoolAfrica empowers learners with disabilities.

The iSchoolAfrica Inclusion programme includes solutions for children with disabilities such as autism, blind, low-vision, deaf, hard-of-hearing, cerebral palsy, motor functionality, dyslexia and more.

iSchoolAfrica understands that:


Not all students with disabilities and remedial needs get the education they deserve

accessibilityThe variability of students’ needs in the inclusive classroom

accessibilityThe prohibitive cost of most other assistance and assistive technology

accessibilityThe power and simplicity of the iPad.

iSchoolAfrica Inclusion Programme includes:


Needs analysis of school and learners

Accessibility smartphoneSpecialised teacher & therapist training from iSchoolAfrica Accessibility Expert

Accessibility Specialised parent support and guidance training from iSchoolAfrica Accessibility Expert

Accessibility smartphoneSpecialised learner support and training from iSchoolAfrica Accessibility Expert


Education discounts on Apple Technology for schools

Accessibility smartphoneSelection of apps and suitable content to suit the requirements of specific needs

Accessibility Ongoing mentoring and support

Accessibility smartphone

Technical set up and support

iSchoolAfrica expertise includes:

accessibilitySpecial needs education

accessibilityInclusive education

accessibilityConsultation and support for schools moving towards disability-inclusive education

accessibilityAssistance with ensuring events and seminars are accessible

Why iPad?

See some of the Accessibility features in action: